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Class Types

BJJ Fundamentals

Focuses on solo movements, partner drills and basic techniques in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self defense including how to fall (break-fall), how to get up properly, hip movement, and specific defensive and offensive techniques that constitute a basic curriculum of ground fighting. We seek to cultivate mindfulness in all our movements and to promote joint health and stability and overall safety for practitioner and partner. A typical class will consist of gradual warm-ups and stretching, technique-specific solo movements, one or two BJJ techniques, M-100’s (an in-house exercise circuit created by Coach Dave Ginsberg), a brief game of BJJ-specific tag, and several five-minute rounds of light drilling.

BJJ Intermediate

While the structure of the class is similar to the Fundamentals class, we now focus on more complex BJJ, Judo and wrestling techniques, often in combination. The intermediate class consistently displays what we work and train at every day: control and the ability to drill and ‘roll’ (spar) lightly and with ultimate respect and safety for everyone on the mat. The Intermediate class is also the venue for higher level martial artists– amateur and professional BJJ competitors, pro MMA fighters, and any grappler with experience and control enough to be a safe training partner–to engage in competition training. The class is often divided between people who want to drill or roll lightly and those who are training for a match as well as those who want to be their training partners.


This class is run more like a wrestling practice: a brief warm-up, takedown technique drills, M-100’s, a clinch technique for self defense, MMA, wrestling, Muay Thai or no gi grappling, and several rounds of rolling. As with any class, people are encouraged to drill lightly instead of rolling, if they prefer.

Open Mat

Once a student has attended a dozen regular classes, s/he is encouraged to attend open mat to drill techniques. The more advanced student is encouraged to drill techniques as well as roll. Open Mat is a great place to experience BJJ and camaraderie in a loosely structured setting. A student should check with a member of the coaching staff to make sure s/he is ready to attend Open Mat and also to determine when s/he is ready to roll live. Open Mat can be a time for the student to drill, to roll back-to-back rounds, to observe, or an opportunity to have a low-key and relaxed BJJ experience. It can also serve as a students Jiu Jitsu Laboratory– a studious time to explore a technique and discover what one does well, what one needs to do better, and perhaps to add one’s own creative flourish to a technique or position.

Technique Lab

A structured open mat for students to experiment and work specifically on the techniques they want to focus on. Emphasis is placed on drilling new movements and techniques and exploring the details of techniques to maximize efficiency. Light positional rolling is also encouraged. Open to beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Kids Class

As with all classes, adults included, we focus on safety, citizenship, and developing coordination, agility, flexibility, strength and body control. Jiu Jitsu for kids is about developing and maintaining a positive self-perception, the confidence and tools to defend oneself and the wisdom and self-respect to avoid negative situations before they arise. A class consists of warm-ups, games, and a lot of solo movements and drills which teach the young jiu jitsu practitioner how to fall down safely, roll, move on the ground, move in self-defense stance, and how to get back to one’s feet from the ground. No submission holds are taught to children. However, they are taught how to protect themselves from chokes, headlocks, and other grappling attacks, as well as from a bully’s punches, kicks or strikes.